Magazine Media Sales Guarantee

The Magazine Magazine Sales Guarantee is an industry-wide money-back or space-back guarantee of advertising performance, a first for any industry. With this bold new initiative, magazine media puts its money where its mouth is, elevating its accountability and promising that advertising in print magazines will increase an advertiser’s brand sales and provide a positive ROI for all qualified print magazine investments.


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What are people saying about the Magazine Media Sales Guarantee?

“Much as a rising tide lifts all boats, print elevates the entire magazine media ecosystem, amplifying all multiplatform media buys. With the Print Magazine Sales Guarantee, the magazine media industry is putting significant skin in the game to prove that the wise advertiser invests in a medium with guaranteed success.”
-Andrew Clurman, President and CEO, Active Interest Media

“With so much empirical evidence to support our position, it only makes sense to go bold with this promise.”
-Michael A. Clinton, President, Marketing & Publishing Director, Hearst Magazines

“Just as The Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Report has become an invaluable tool for advertisers to measure audience across platforms, the Print Magazine Sales Guarantee provides another important data point for buyers and planners. Magazine Media is delivering an accurate way to measure the industry's entire ecosystem, along with increased accountability. This information provides benefit not only to advertisers, but to the magazine industry overall.”
-Brenda White, EVP/Publishing, Starcom

“Our media investment decisions are driven by where we can most clearly demonstrate a positive ROI. The Meredith sales guarantee program does this where magazine investments are concerned by measuring the ROI and having an accountability against that measure.”
-Scott Grenz, Acting VP, Global Head of Media, GlaxoSmithKline