Federal & State Advocacy

MPA is the advocate for the magazine media industry in Washington, D.C. and the state capitals.

MPA advocates for state and federal public policies that allow magazine media publishers to deliver trusted and valued content to readers and to generate jobs and growth for the national and local economies. These are our issues of top concern:

Data Privacy

The responsible use of consumer data is one way that magazine publishers maintain high levels of reader trust. Magazine media brands leverage this to deliver to readers insightful, meaningful and world-changing content.

Postal Rates & Regulations

MPA seeks to maintain an affordable and reliable postal system that can effectively provide universal service to contain costs and maintain reliable delivery.


As the advertising ecosystem continues to evolve in response to industry and regulatory changes, MPA advocates for policies that recognize the importance of the first-party relationship between magazine publishers and their readers.


MPA supports the treatment of magazine media as exempt from state sales tax. Almost half of states recognize the value of magazine media in educating and informing readers, and do not tax sales of magazine subscriptions.

Intellectual Property Icon

Intellectual Property

MPA supports the copyright “fair use” doctrine, advocating to protect the ownership rights of publishers as content creators, while defending their ability to make lawful use of copyrighted works.

Consumer Marketing

MPA supports clear disclosure to potential subscribers of material terms of magazine offers while opposing overly restrictive or unnecessary requirements that interfere with publishers’ flexibility.

First Amendment

MPA closely monitors developments in all areas of media law and participates in litigation and other advocacy efforts to defend the rights of its members and their advertisers.


MPA’s long-standing involvement in environmental matters stems from its members’ desire to support and implement responsible and economically sound environmental policies and procedures.

Government Submissions

Government Submissions

MPA regularly comments on government proposals that would impact issues of top concern to our members.