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MPA – the Association of Magazine Media Releases Its 2021 MPA Magazine Media Factbook

The MPA Magazine Media Factbook Demonstrates a High Level of Consumer Trust Earned and Unique Value Delivered to Advertisers by Magazine Media

Washington, D.C., September 15, 2021MPA – the Association of Magazine Media – released its 2021 MPA Magazine Media Factbook, the definitive source of research and statistics on the magazine industry. The 2021 edition demonstrates the continued trust consumers place in magazine media, the resiliency of the industry in the face of a global pandemic and the unique value to advertisers compared to other platforms.

“As the 2021 Factbook clearly shows, magazine media ranks high in terms of consumer trust and confidence,” said MPA President and Chief Executive Officer Brigitte Schmidt Gwyn. “Consumers trust magazine media because they deliver carefully edited and curated information that is directly relevant to readers and their families. It’s the high level of consumer trust that makes magazine media so compelling for advertisers.”

The 2021 Factbook reveals that:

  • The magazine media industry is here to stay. Eighty-eight (88) percent of U.S. adults report having read magazine media (print or digital) in the last six months, including ninety (90) percent of Americans under 25.
  • Reader engagement remains strong. Engagement is consistently higher for magazine media than, for example, the internet or television. The top 25 U.S. magazine brands reach more adults than the top 25 primetime TV shows.
  • Younger consumers love print. Sixty-three (63) percent of U.S. millennials (aged 25 to 40) say that, even in the digital age, they love the touch and feel of a printed magazine.

Since 1985, MPA has compiled the most comprehensive facts and figures about magazine media. MRI-Simmons integrated the data for this year’s Factbook.