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Behind the Scenes at Domino

February 28, New York

Junior associates: Join MPA Next for a tour of the new Domino Media Group headquarters—a space designed with the generous support of brand partners—followed by a conversation with Chief Revenue Officer Beth Brenner on how the company is pushing its omni-channel revenue model to the next level. 


June 13, Boston

Brand success is achieved through revolutionary thinking and leadership. Join MPA’s enthusiast brands for a 2-day conference focused on audience-first ideas and strategies - including revenue diversification and monetizing strong relationships across all platforms. In good IMAG fashion, expect world-class networking and valuable case studies. Join the revolution!

Imagination Awards 2018

June 14, Boston

The Imagination Awards honor the work of independent magazine media companies and brands. These awards recognize projects and teams that capture the essence of a brand and demonstrate innovative thinking and imaginative tactics, well-defined business objectives, and successful execution and results.